Dynamic Forest — Ebook

Man Versus Nature in the Boreal Forest

Authors : John Kennedy Naysmith, Malcolm F. Squires
Publication : 2017-08-26
Language : English
Pages : 160
Publisher : A J. Patrick Boyer Book
Collections : Point of View
ISBN : 9781459739345
Categories : Political science / Public Policy / Environmental Policy, Technology & engineering / Agriculture / Forestry, Nature / Plants / Trees
Nearing the end of a lifetime in the boreal forest, a retired forester writes a passionate plea for rational, science-based forest management.

The boreal forest is constantly changing, often dramatically. We like to picture it as a stable, balanced system. Really, it is anything but stable. The boreal forest is dynamic.

For over sixty years, forester Malcolm F. Squires has seen mature forests within protected areas devastated by insects, moose, wind, and wildfire. While the forests often return from this destruction, they are never quite the same. A naturally balanced boreal forest is a human notion that does not match the reality of nature. If we don’t soon recognize and accept that reality and stop making irrational demands that a forest be “protected” from change or human management, we may be dooming them to disaster.

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