The Family Tree Historical Atlas of Germany — Ebook

Author : James Beidler
Publication : 2019-05-28
Language : English
Publisher : Family Tree Books
ISBN : 9781440354687
Categories : Reference / Genealogy & Heraldry, History / Europe / Germany, Reference / Atlases
Delve into German history with beautiful historical maps and useful, comprehensive timelines. This book will help you untangle the complicated mess that is German history, tracing how state boundaries have changed throughout the centuries. With 100-plus full-color maps, this gorgeous atlas will guide you from the region's earliest days to the Holy Roman Empire and from Unification (1871) to Reunification (1990). The book also provides detailed summaries of major events in German history, giving you the tools you need to find records in various time periods.

Inside, you'll find:
  • Curated maps of German states from medieval times to present, each with detailed captions to explain what the map depicts and why it can be useful in research
  • Extensive histories of Germanic regions to walk you through the country's complex past
  • Beautiful, full-color maps bound in a hardcover format that makes a great gift for historians and genealogists

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