Draw AlphaToons — Ebook

130+ Crazy Critters and Characters From Letters and Numbers

Author : Steve Harpster
Publication : 2019-05-28
Language : English
Publisher : Impact Books
Collections : AlphaDraw
ISBN : 9781440354090
Categories : Juvenile nonfiction / Art / Drawing
Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Drawing AlphaToons is as easy as 1, 2, 3...or A, B, C!

Turn letters and numbers into animals, pets and crazy characters. Step-by-step pictures show you how to draw everything from pigs, sloths and piranhas to cuddly kittens and zany cartoon people using different letters and numbers as a starting point.
  • Learn how to draw more than 130 funny alphabet and number-based cartoons
  • Make your 'toons wacky by adding mustaches, mohawks and even word balloons
  • Perfect for beginner artists
When N becomes a nervous rhino, G becomes a goofy granny and the number 8 becomes a purple panda, the fun really begins.

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