How to Draw Video Games — Ebook

Create Unique Characters, Worlds, Levels and More!

Author : Steve Harpster
Publication : 2017-11-02
Language : English
Pages : 128
Publisher : Impact Books
ISBN : 9781440351891
Categories : Art / Techniques / Drawing, Art / Techniques / Cartooning
Gamers, get ready to level up with How to Draw Video Games!

From helpful sidekicks to 8-bit aliens and block-style beasts, the video game galaxy is an epic and endless world of battle-ready bosses, spewing lava levels and handyman heroes with the courage to save the day--all you need to do is draw them. This book teaches you how to get ideas from your brain onto paper by following basic demonstrations and using real life cheat codes. Instead of pressing "up, up, down, down, left," grab a sketchbook, marker and pack of colored pencils to start designing cool characters and the worlds they live in without the finger blisters and rage quits!
  • 25+ demonstrations cover everything from inventing heroes and evil villains to storyboarding your game win.
  • Learn how to draw legendary worlds and create difficult boss levels, including scrolling, three-dimensional and Minecraft-style block landscapes.
  • Build cool vehicles, spaceships and sweet rides for heroes to hop on!
  • Includes info on tech techniques, programs and digital upgrades.
Stop playing video games and start drawing them!

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