Electronic book The Relevant Classroom

The Relevant Classroom — Ebook

Six Steps to Foster Real-World Learning

Author : Eric Hardie
Publication : 2019-08-14
Language : English
Pages : 160
Publisher : ASCD
ISBN : 9781416627692
Categories : Education / Teaching Methods & Materials / General

Students need to connect to the real world, be engaged, and learn deeply. But how are teachers supposed to ensure that students meet these objectives in the current school system? In The Relevant Classroom, Eric Hardie presents six strategies derived from his two decades of experience as an elementary and secondary teacher and principal to show teachers ways to foster real-world connections, genuine engagement, and deeper learning:

1. Make meaning central to student work.
2. Contextualize the curriculum.
3. Create space to learn.
4. Connect student work to the community.
5. Follow the (student) leaders.
6. Reenvision feedback and evaluation.

This practical volume includes advice on how to get started, vivid examples, reflection questions, and tips on how to overcome common obstacles. The Relevant Classroom is about recognizing that teachers who tap into students' capacities for creativity, collaboration, and innovation can create learning experiences that are truly meaningful for students.

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