Home by Another Way — Ebook

Harvesting Taproots Wisdom

Author : Timothy Cap Diebel
Publication : 2019-06-15
Language : English
Pages : 240
Publisher : Tim Diebel
ISBN : 9780999881965
Categories : Biography & autobiography / Personal Memoirs, Social science / Agriculture & Food

By book’s end, you will discover that Tim and Lori have “found [their] way home by a nother way and put down deep and securing roots.” These spiritual and physical tap roots have nourished them in ways they could never have expected or even imagined when Tim traded his clerical garb and guitar for overalls and a hoe. But it didn’t start out that way. And the journey from pulpit to garden was long and messy.

In lively prose, Tim Diebel invites us to walk with him through his tall grass prairie, down the garden rows sampling sweet peas and tomatoes along the way, into the chicken coop gather ing multi-colored eggs protected by animated hens, and through the apple orchard, where blossoms rain down upon our heads. His openness to his mistakes and na ture’s tricks, as well as earth’s bounty, help us feel our own tap roots grow deeper and our hearts expand for the earth and all its creatures.

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