Faction 9 — Ebook

A Novel of Revolution

Authors : Ghislain Viau, James Firelocke
Publication : 2018-01-19
Language : English
Pages : 482
Publisher : James Firelocke
ISBN : 9780999568286
Categories : Fiction / Thrillers / Political, Fiction / Science Fiction / Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic, Fiction / Dystopian

The Novel the Corporate Elites Don’t Want You to Read!

Welcome to the near future, an America ruled by sharks—the Wall Street kind. Greedy gangster bankers. Carnivorous corporate creeps. Fascist war profiteers who cruise the oceans of dark power with their bloody jaws wide open, escorted by scavenger politicians nibbling at their scraps.

But other predators are stirring in the sea. These new hunters are young, cunning, and agile, with nothing to lose and only freedom to gain. Their motto: Hatred of greed is the salvation of love.

And their mission? Taking out the sharks, starting with a billionaire so racist, deranged, and corrupt that he just might become the next US president.

They are Faction 9. They are everywhere and nowhere. And they are the only thing the plutocrats truly fear—because all the riches of hell can’t buy them off.

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