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Hubris — Ebook

The Troubling Science, Economics, and Politics of Climate Change

Author : Michael Hart
Publication : 2015-11-10
Language : English
Pages : 618
Publisher : Compleat Desktop Publishing
ISBN : 9780994903815
Categories : Science / Earth Sciences / Meteorology & Climatology, Political science / Public Policy / Environmental Policy, Business & economics / Development / Sustainable Development

This book explores problems and issues that have emerged in national and international discussion of policies to address climate change. It concludes that every solution put forward by the UN and activists poses more problems than might ever emerge from the marginal human impact on natural climate change. Rather than mitigation, governments should focus on adaptation. As is, climate change discussions have become captive of a utopian agenda that is using climate change as a stalking horse to drive alarm in the hope that it will convince governments to act.

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