Mari, Why I Needed to Return from the Future — Ebook

Author : Winfried Sedhoff
Publication : 2019-06-18
Language : English
Pages : 232
Publisher : Dr Winfried Sedhoff Medical
ISBN : 9780994609120
Categories : Fiction / Romance / Science Fiction, Fiction / Science Fiction / Time Travel

What if you discovered that your greatest potential for self-realization and happiness was with a woman living over a hundred years before you were born?

Earth, 2184 AD. Ben Ecclestone, advanced arbitrator, has been trained to keep the peace and to help others fulfill their most heartfelt desires. Offered the opportunity to be Earth’s new ambassador in an enlightened and distant world, Ben embarks on his first interworld mission.

When disaster strikes, his ship crashes through time and space to Brisbane, 2020 AD. Stranded in a city of skyscrapers, digitally-connected loneliness, and rampant dissatisfaction, Ben doesn’t expect to meet a woman like Mari. She is young, vibrant and passionate—with a mysterious past. He’s a confirmed bachelor. Together they discover a depth of connection beyond his wildest imaginings.

Abducted back to his own era by the History Rescue Unit, Ben grasps one desperate chance to return to Mari. But traveling back to the past could unravel the time thread and threaten the lives and wellbeing of billions.

What is the secret of Mari’s true identity and origin? And will Ben bow to the greater good—or reclaim a love beyond compare?

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