A History of the East Los Angeles Dirigible Air Transport Lines

Authors : Arturo Ernesto Romo, Sesshu Foster
Publication : 2019-11-19
Language : English
Publisher : City Lights Publishers
ISBN : 9780872868250
Categories : Fiction / Black Humor, Fiction / Alternative History, Fiction / Urban Life, Fiction / Magical Realism, Fiction / Asian American, Fiction / Satire*

- Off-kilter political surrealism, appealing to the kind of audience who flocked to Boots Riley’s movie, Sorry to Bother You.

- Exhaustively researched/real world information melds with fictional history, presented in first-person accounts by a mix of historic, fictionalized, and fictional characters, through false reportage, interviews, sections in verse, quotes—even a pancake recipe from Ulysses S. Grant.

- Sesshu Foster’s first novel, Atomik Aztex was published by City Lights in 2005. It garnered widespread critical and reader acclaim -- including a Believer Magazine Book Award -- and cemented Foster’s reputation as a groundbreaking author of challenging, original work that appealed to a generation of readers looking for creative work to address cultural, racial, class and social issues. Foster was writing “intersectional” books before the term was invented to describe them!

- Almost 15 years have passed since the publication of Atomik Aztex, during which time Foster published three acclaimed poetry books and continued to gain a devoted and enthusiastic readership. Fans of his writing will be excited at the prospect of a follow-up to Atomik Aztex, while a new generation of young readers will also now be ready for his work.

- Foster’s first book, City Terrace Field Manual, was an instant classic, and an indie bookstore favorite. With it, he inaugurated what has become an ongoing project, a playful yet trenchant approach to creating what can be thought of as an archaeological excavation of the cultural, historic and physical layers of Los Angeles, and the surrounding mountains and desert landscapes of Southern California. This current work takes that theme and exponentially ramps up the volume of inventive history-making and time-travel storytelling.

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