Advantage Death — Ebook

Murder at the Tennis Club

Author : Jerry Gee Williamson
Publication : 2008-11-15
Language : English
Pages : 284
Publisher : iUniverse
ISBN : 9780595624461
Categories : Fiction / Mystery & Detective / General, Fiction / General

After a painful breakup with her boyfriend, young tennis pro Annie MacGregor leaves Arizona and relocates to a glamorous tennis club in Southern California. There she encounters a diverse group of people, some of whom are famous. Among her new acquaintances is the senior pro at the club, a tall, handsome man of Mexican descent, who tends to disappear mysteriously on Sundays.

Although Annie enjoys her pupils, and finds the club a beautiful place to work, she is bothered by the tension she senses. At first she believes it will go away, for how, she thinks, could anyone remain tense for very long in such an attractive setting? But as the weeks go by, she realizes that the tension has increased. Tempers are frayed, and the numerous sexual intrigues that are going on at the club are not helping the situation. Annie feels more and more uncomfortable. She begins to wonder if her move to California was a good idea. Then her Arizona boyfriend turns up, and a murder takes place. Annie finds herself with a choice to make as she and her friends face horror at the club.

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