Cleaning Up The Future — Ebook

Public Perceptions

Author : D. Rednal
Publication : 2019-06-18
Language : English
Pages : 502
Publisher : Diamond Jones-Royal
Collections : Cleaning Up The Future
ISBN : 9780578520049
Categories : Fiction / Science Fiction / Time Travel

18.April.2018 - New Cinalia, a technologically advanced country, is bombed to oblivion.

Being transported 16 years into a dystopian future wasn’t included in the job description for the janitorial staff at ExplorerTech Industries, but that’s exactly what happened to Sia.
Her objective? Escape the country.


1. Outmaneuver animals with various mutations

2. Learn to control the unusual device that's lodged inside of her head

Processing chances of survival:........... Error........

"I'm doomed."

Sometimes the place you're running from is the place that holds all the answers to a brighter future...if you only took the time to clean it up. But will she survive the attempt?

A Science Fantasy novel that takes the reader along on a rocky adventure through New Cinalia, where traveling alone always leads to disaster.

Public Perceptions is the first book of the Cleaning Up The Future series.

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