Twenty One Years — Ebook

Jenny, a Tormented Goddess

Author : Gee Altaee
Publication : 2019-05-16
Language : English
Pages : 44
Publisher : Gee Altaee
ISBN : 9780578507934
Categories : Fiction / Romance / Contemporary, Fiction / Romance / General, Fiction / Suspense

When life comes with an expiration date, you need to make each day count.

After Jenny Alan's cousin dies of cancer, she makes plans to move to Rome and experience a full life. But, when she meets Michael, the son of a wealthy construction company mogul, her dreams take a backseat to their relationship.

Upon revealing her travel plans to him, Michael doesn't understand her desires. He builds Jenny a mansion to keep her rooted to their small, Michigan town, a gesture she takes as a sign of their doomed union. How could he not see how much she needed to achieve her dreams? How could she not see how much he loved her?

They drifted apart and married other people who didn't make them as happy as they made each other. Their marriages dissolved, and just when it seemed like it could be their time to be together, Jenny received the news.

She has cancer, and now, she must make a choice. Will she finally settle down with Michael and the safety and security he represents? Or will she face the struggle on her own?

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