E-Book The amazing adventures of Jules - Volume 1 - The Future Imperfect

The amazing adventures of Jules - Volume 1 - The Future Imperfect — E-Book

Autor : Bravo
Veröffentlichung : 19.10.2016
Sprache : English
Seiten : 48
Herausgeber : Europe Comics
Sammlungen : The Amazing Adventures of Jules
ISBN : 9791032801833
Kategorien : Juvenile fiction / Comics & Graphic Novels / General, Comics & graphic novels / General
Jules, a nice boy living a quiet life without any particular problems (except his little brother set on murdering his guinea pig), is selected by the Global Space Agency to take part in the first expedition to planet Alpha aboard an interstellar spaceship. The journey will last 8 weeks for the passengers, and 8 months in Earth-time (because of relativity)... Thus Jules embarks upon the voyage of a lifetime, stowaway guinea pig in tow, accompanied by the other members of this glorious team of space explorers: a couple of eccentrics who collect Nobel prizes; a rather tetchy roommate; a drunken pilot who seems to mess up the landings every time and endangers interplanetary peace; and a pretty exobiologist who will study any extraterrestrial life they come across. Get ready for takeoff!

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