NICHT VERFÜGBAR E-Book 7 best short stories by Alice Duer Miller

7 best short stories by Alice Duer Miller — E-Book

Autoren : August Nemo, Alice Duer Miller
Veröffentlichung : 16.05.2020
Sprache : English
Seiten : 49
Herausgeber : Tacet Books
Sammlungen : 7 best short stories
ISBN : 9783967999341
Kategorien : Literary collections / Women Authors

Alice Duer Miller was a writer from the U.S. whose poetry actively influenced political opinion. Her feminist verses made an impact on the suffrage issue, and her verse novel The White Cliffs encouraged U.S. entry into World War II. She also wrote novels and screenplays. This book contains: - The Candid Friend. - A Clash of Sentimentalists. - Emulation. - Home Influence. - Middle Age. - The Relapse. - The Respecters of Law.

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