E-Book The Revelation

The Revelation — E-Book

Magic Cat Grimoire

Autor : Nadine Travers
Veröffentlichung : 08.10.2024
Sprache : English
Herausgeber : FictionPublication
Sammlungen : Magic Cat Grimoire
ISBN : 9782925105435
Kategorien : Fiction / Romance / Paranormal / Witches, Fiction / Romance / Paranormal / Shifters, Fiction / Fantasy / Contemporary

The Revelation: An urban fantasy where magic and fate collide

Zoé Grimm, an exceptional tracker, sees her world turned upside down when the criminal she arrested escapes. Forced to ally with Nash, an enigmatic werewolf, she finds herself plunged into a perilous quest.

Disturbing revelations about her past and her heritage thrust her into the heart of a prophecy. Together, they must battle formidable enemies and unravel the mysteries of ancient magic. But danger lurks, and Joseph, an evil sorcerer, watches from the shadows, ready to destroy them. The tension builds to a crescendo leading up to the final climax, where Zoé must use the full extent of her powers to save her destiny.

Dive into this captivating first volume of The Magic Cat's Grimoire and let yourself be swept away by an urban fantasy adventure where magic and fate collide!

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