E-Book Healing with Cannabis - Mini Edition

Healing with Cannabis - Mini Edition — E-Book

Autor : Michka et al.
Veröffentlichung : 19.05.2020
Sprache : English
Seiten : 208
Herausgeber : Mama Editions
Sammlungen : Hors collection
ISBN : 9782845943483
Kategorien : Medical / General

Medical cannabis has proven its effectiveness in treating many ailments. It is used legally in different states and traditionally in several parts of the world. In this book, leading international experts answer the most frequently asked questions concerning its modes of action and use.

What illnesses and symptoms can cannabis heal or relieve? How is it absorbed? What are the respective medicinal virtues of THC and CBD? What is the current state of scientific research? What cannabis-derived medications are available today? Which are preferable, natural products or synthetic cannabinoids? How can you grow therapeutic marijuana? What are the different legislations around the world concerning its medical use?

The author

Michka is widely respected as an expert in France and abroad on the subject of free access to plant medicine, and she has published numerous books and articles over the past thirty years. In Medical Cannabis, Michka is joined by Prof. Raphael Mechoulam—who discovered the THC and CBD molecules—as well as Prof. Manuel Guzman, Prof. Denis Richard, Jorge Cervantes, Robert Clarke, Chris Conrad, Philippe Lucas, Prof. Adriaan Jansen and Don E. Wirtshafter, J.D.

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