E-Book Structural Analysis

Structural Analysis — E-Book

Autoren : Junfeng GU, Lei YANG, Jingjie CHEN, Xiaofei HU, Dixiong YANG
Veröffentlichung : 12.12.2023
Sprache : English
Seiten : 438
Herausgeber : EDP Sciences
Sammlungen : Textbooks for Tomorrow’s Scientists
ISBN : 9782759831913
Kategorien : Technology & engineering / Civil / General, Science / History
Structural Analysis is a basic course for undergraduate students with majors of civil engineering, engineering mechanics, flight vehicle design, mechanical engineering, naval architecture and ocean engineering etc., and is also an introductory course for undergraduates to learn and master the analysis and design of beam, truss, frame, arch and composite structures for buildings, bridges and flight vehicles and so on. This textbook includes eight chapters, and covers introduction, kinematic analysis of plane member systems, analysis of statically determinate structures, principle of virtual work and deflection calculation, force method, displacement method, influence lines of structures under moving loads, and matrix displacement method. Main features of this textbook lie in: (1) strengthened the interestingness and readability, and increased brief introduction on the developmental history of structural analysis and the important figures; (2) adopted the kinematic method to construct exactly and rapidly the influence lines of forces of statically indeterminate structures proposed by the author, and highlighted the energy principles and methods; (3) increased introducing the backgrounds of engineering applications; (4) from the viewpoints of history, methodology, aesthetic appreciation and creative thinking, inspected structural analysis and strived to cultivate the innovative talents. The present book emphasizes fundamental theories, concepts, computational methods and engineering applications of structural analysis. It can be used as a textbook for undergraduates with majors of civil engineering, engineering mechanics, flight vehicle design, mechanical engineering, and ocean engineering etc., while being a helpful reference for engineers and professionals in the relevant fields.

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