E-Book Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics — E-Book

Inaugural Lecture delivered on Thursday 13 December 2001

Autor : Serge Haroche
Veröffentlichung : 16.12.2013
Sprache : English
Herausgeber : Collège de France
Sammlungen : Leçons inaugurales
ISBN : 9782722602731
Kategorien : Science / Quantum Theory, Science / General, Science / Molecular Physics, Science / Optics

From the infinitely small to the infinitely big, covering over 60 spatial orders of magnitude, quantum theory is used as much to describe the still largely mysterious vibrations of the microscopic strings that could be the basic constituents of the Universe, as to explain the fluctuations of the microwave radiation reaching us from the depths of outer space. Serge Haroche tells us about the scientific theory that revolutionised our understanding of nature and made an extraordinary contribution to our means of acting on and gaining information about the world.

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