The perfect man — E-Book

Autor : Enklin Maroons
Veröffentlichung : 18.06.2024
Sprache : English
Herausgeber : Harmony House
ISBN : 9782491151003
Kategorien : Fiction / Romance / General

Lilas, the princess of Nocturnia, lives in the shadow of an endless war against the kingdom of Othas. Her father, King Flerus, despairs of finding her a worthy husband who can protect and fulfill her. He then issues a challenge to all suitors: to enter the cursed dwelling, a haunted house, and bring back a bag containing a secret. However, the cursed dwelling is a deadly trap, from which no one has ever returned. Lilas, not wanting her father to sacrifice lives for her happiness, decides to defy the ban and venture into the cursed house herself, in search of an exit or a revelation.

The king, terrified for his daughter, sends Raven, a daring and charming adventurer, who is none other than a prisoner he has held for years, to her rescue. He promises to release him if he saves his daughter and brings back the bag before the kingdom of Othas launches its final assault. Raven accepts the challenge and rushes into the cursed dwelling, where he meets Lilas, who has preceded him.

Together, they will face the dangers of the cursed dwelling and succumb to the feelings they have for each other. But will the king agree to let his daughter marry a former rebel? And what is the true mystery of the bag? What they do not know is that one day in the cursed dwelling is equivalent to one year in Nocturnia.

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