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Scapegoats of the Empire — E-Book

Autor : Edward Witton
Veröffentlichung : 13.02.2018
Sprache : English
Seiten : 160
Herausgeber : Stellar Editions
ISBN : 9781987817959
Kategorien : History / Africa / South / Republic of South Africa, History / Military / Strategy, History / Military / General

Witton's scathing political indictment of the British Empire during the Boer War, originally published in 1907. The basis for the movie "Breaker Morant".

Witton's main assertion, as indicated by the book's provocative title, was that he, Morant, and Handcock were made scapegoats by the British authorities in South Africa — that they were made to take the blame for widespread British war crimes against the Boers, and that the trial and executions were carried out by the British for political reasons, partly to cover up a controversial and secret "no prisoners" policy by Kitchener, and partly to appease the Boer government over the killing of Boer prisoners, in order to facilitate a peace treaty; the Treaty of Vereeniging was signed on 31 May 1902.

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