Pippa Park Raises Her Game — E-Book

Autor : Erin Yun
Veröffentlichung : 04.02.2020
Sprache : English
Seiten : 288
Herausgeber : Fabled Films Press
ISBN : 9781944020279
Kategorien : Juvenile fiction / Social Issues / Friendship, Juvenile fiction / Social Issues / Peer Pressure, Juvenile fiction / People & Places / United States / Asian American, Juvenile fiction / Classics

A Contemporary Reimagining of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens for Middle Graders

Life is full of great expectations for Korean American Pippa Park. It seems like everyone, from her family to the other kids at school, has a plan for how her life should look. So when Pippa gets a surprising basketball scholarship to Lakeview Private, she jumps at the chance to reinvent herself.

At Lakeview, Pippa struggles with popularity and the pressure to perform academically and athletically while keeping her past and family’s laundromat a secret from her elite new classmates. Juggling jealous Queen Bees, old and new friends, her own place at Lakeview, and an unrequited crush on the school's most handsome— and most haughty— 8th grader is hard enough. But when Pippa begins to receive a string of hateful, anonymous messages via social media that threaten to unmask her carefully built persona, things begin to spiral out of control.

With pressure mounting, Pippa discovers the real reason she was admitted to Lakeview Private, and wonders if she can keep her old and new lives separate, or if she should even try.

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