Where Were the Angels? — E-Book

Autoren : Marie Consalvo, Grace Aqualina
Veröffentlichung : 06.12.2017
Sprache : English
Seiten : 200
Herausgeber : Marie Consalvo
ISBN : 9781935751410
Kategorien : Education / General

Where Were the Angels?
Grace Aqualina

A close-range shot to the head kills unpopular vice principal Vic Barnes, onstage, during a Thanksgiving Day program—in an auditorium filled with students, faculty, and parents.

The murder evokes painful memories from the past for those who knew him, especially teacher Julie Conti, who is forced to finally face her inner demons.

Young Alex Hornsby also has her reasons for hating the vice principal. Alex pulled the trigger, but was she the one who killed Vic Barnes?

Author Grace Aqualina was a beloved educator in the Hackensack, New Jersey, school system where she taught for thirty-seven years. Grace was a world traveler, an accomplished artist, and a creative writer. She was an outstanding storyteller with a courageous spirit and a great sense of humor. After a ten-year battle with cancer, Grace passed away in 2013.

Where Were The Angels? is her legacy.

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