Bass Fishing in South Africa — E-Book

Autor : Gareth Coombs
Veröffentlichung : 01.05.2019
Sprache : English
Seiten : 128
Herausgeber : Struik Lifestyle
ISBN : 9781432309992
Kategorien : Sports & recreation / Fishing, Nature / Environmental Conservation & Protection, Nature / Animals / Fish

It is axiomatic that the goal of any fisherman is to catch fish! However, this is not always as easy as simply casting a line or throwing a net into the water. Some fish are wily, and know how to avoid the hooks, lures or bait that has been set for them. As a species, bass regularly elude even the most canny angler. Author Gareth Coombs has experienced the frustration and the pleasure of trying to catch this often-aggressive, predatory sportfish. Bass Fishing in South Africa is his response to many years of patiently studying currents, wind, temperature and the underwater landscape of the lakes, dams and rivers where he fishes for bass. His analysis of the underwater environment and water characteristics, as well as the behaviour traits, sensory capabilities and nesting habits of largemouth black bass, allow him to present a tackle-box’s worth of tricks and tools for the keen bass fisherman. Knowing how a fish might behave at certain times of the year, or under certain weather conditions, improves the angler’s chance of making a catch. As a scientist who is mindful of the importance of conservation, Gareth also covers how to handle a captured fish and return it safely to the water.

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